Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A White Christmas!

Wow! What a crazy busy month!!! We started off at Disney World and so it seemed like the Christmas season wasn't nearly long enough! The kids had a lot of fun this year and really enjoyed looking forward to Santa coming! We had a couple of snow storms so the day before we went and bought everything we needed to make candy and we spent a whole day making some yummy Christmas candy. We had a big change in our family this month also...We have decided to homeschool and so now Lily stays home with Mommy and Sam everyday, which is pretty fun! We are really sad to see 2010 go, but really looking forward to whatever comes at us next in 2011!

The kids 'making' cookies for Santa.

Lily wrote to Santa, and this is the letter that he wrote back to her.

On Christmas Eve we first went to the Nolan Christmas...I totally forgot to take any pictures! We then went to Roger's parent house where the kids had a blast!

The kids opening some really fun! presents from Mammaw and Pappaw
Lily playing with her cousin Allyssa.

The kiddos waking up on Christmas morning (at 8:30...not bad!)

Lily gets gold coins every year and this year Sam got them too....and they were a hit! :)

Next we went to visit with my parents.
After Lily opened all of her presents she told us she really loved all of her presents and was very happy...eventhough she didn't get Hungry Hungry Hippos. Little did she know...

Sam was like "Seriously??? Clothes??" :) He looks really cute in them!

Sam and Pappy playing with a ball and a hat

Lily and Gavin watching a movie

Lily and Sam playing with their toys at home

Sam on his new bike :)

Lily playing with her new mirror (Thank you Aunt Amanda)
Lily in her new robe :)

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!

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