Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer :)

So yeah, it's the last day of July and I am just getting around to blogging this summer! :) Things around here are busy/crazy which seems to be the normal anymore. We have enjoyed some down time this summer and took time off of school to just 'hang out'. We have played with some friends, done the zoo and museum some, lots of parks and duck feeding, walks and frozen yogurt runs (my favorite) a trip to Holiday World and just playing around our place. I am the worst photographer in the world...I guess technically, not a photographer of any sorts since I always forget to take pictures at these fun trips! Lily is obsessing over American Girls and already planning her December birthday party all around which doll she is planning to get :) She is a smart cookie and is reading very well now and loves to read her own books or have me read her an American Girl book. We have been planning to get her in swim lessons all summer, but things keep popping up and we are hoping to get her swimming at the end of summer/early fall (although she is already protesting...did you know you have to get your face wet when you swim??? This is apparently news to Lily). Lily also gave a talk recently in Primary that she wrote herself. She walked right up by herself and did amazing! She is such a sweet girl and told the kids all about Nephi and why he is such a good example to her. (She is amazing!) Sam....Oh Sam. Sam is a WILD guy!!! He is a complete nut. When he isn't bouncing off the walls and he working hard to keep us laughing. A total class clown in the making :) He reminds me of Jim Carry so much the way he contorts his face! He is totally into super heros and went with Daddy and Lily to see The Avengers earlier this summer. He always has something in hands that has magically turned into a gun and always saving us from 'bad guys' (which we totally appreciate...honestly never knew the amount of 'bad guys' that were hanging around our house until Sam started pointing them out! Glad we decided to have more than one kid!) He has trouble deciding if Spiderman or Iron Man is his favorite, so he rotates between them (sometimes Batman gets thrown in the mix). And since Lily is planning out her birthday party, Sam is working on his too. Super Hero it is! Which will actually be pretty fun to do! :) Sam loves his nursery and recently when we missed 2 weeks in a row, the nursery leader came up and told me they really missed him while we were away...I wasn't sure if she thought another kid was mine, surely she was confused right?? Nope, she says Sam is amazing during nursery!! Not that Sam is bad, he just has a lot of energy, I'm glad he knows when it is time to tone it down and listen though! Yay Sam!!! Miss Emma is the busiest of us all!! Holy Moly this girl is ready to move! I don't know if it has something to do with watching older siblings or what, but she is a full blown crawler and pulls herself up on everything (glad I decided to get the coffee table out of here last week) and today started pushing a diaper box around the living room like a walker. Crazy! I think she is going to try to beat Sam's walking age (8 months). She loves her food (prunes are her fav). She is also a fan of the dog :) She loves when Roscoe decides to sit or lay down beside her! She grabs handfulls of hair and gives a good tug and Roscoe just sits and takes it (what a good doggie!) Roger and I are just having a great time watching the kids learn/explore the world around them!! Well, if you just read all of that, you must really love my children! :) For some reason, I can't get pictures to load up...I'll try again later!!

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