Sunday, May 6, 2012

(The kids finger painting with the home made finger paint we just made) We have been sooo super busy, blogging is the last thing I think to do. Even when I have a spare moment, things like laundry and dishes always seem to top the list, but I have forced myself to sit down and catch up just a little! First, we have a new addition to our family! Emma Elizabeth White was born January 12, 2012. And I feel a little weird just squezing her birth in with other things, so the next post will be completley dedicated to sweet little Emma :) We have been adjusting to life as a family of 5, and then decided to be a little wild and crazy and throw a dog into the mix. Roscoe is a fun little guy who joined our family when he was 6 months and the kids LOVE him! He is a good dog and was mostly potty trained when we got him (yay!). We have been enjoying Spring and the warmer weather that comes with that. Lots of time outside and at parks. The kids have really liked getting out after being cooped up all winter. And when I am pregnant I am so sick and feel so tired, my poor children get neglected! So we have been doing a lot of little fun things around here, finding new parks, visiting the zoo, visiting Emily (and new baby Sophie), visiting Nana and Pappy and Granny and Aunt Jill, trying new experiments and just playing. Hopefully I can keep up alittle better now and not try to shove everyting into one blog posting :)

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