Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why I'm "Mom Enough"

So everyone has been talking about the Time magazine cover...and I mean Everyone! Some loved it and others hated it. I hated it! The picture was offensive and makes it harder for breastfeeding mothers, but the part I hated the most was the caption, "Are You Mom Enough?" As if moms dont put enough pressure on each otheer, Time thought they would jump in the Mom debate. Apparently Time believes that breastfeeding your preschooler somehow makes you a great mom. Let me clarify, I don't care how long you breastfeed your child, it's none of my business and to each his own. But please don't tell me that I'm less of a mom if I make a different choice. I have caught throw up with my bare hands, kissed boo boos, and wiped tears off of sad faces, been spidermans sidekick, played hours of Barbies, had 3 c-sections, put something back on a shelve for myself because my kids wanted something, shed tears of worry for my kids, have 3 happy/healthy kids...So please, don't tell me that I am not Mom enough, because I am, and it has nothing to do with the way I am choosing to feed my child. Rant over! :)

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  1. Amen sister! I thought that cover was very vulgar and offensive! the whole article and idea was completely ignorant and offensive to every mother!!