Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Week...totally random pics

Here are a few pictures of some random things we have been up to this week!
The kids getting a foot bath :)

Sam, totally getting his chill on...

Lily, with her new favorite past time...playing games on playhouse disney!

Our disney countdown's getting so short!

This is kind of a typical (uneventful) week! We are super excited as our trip to disney gets closer! We have started packing and it's actually within a couple weeks. After a year and a half of planning it snuck up on us! I am so ready to go...and to meet my new neice Bailey! I will be doing LOTS of blogging after our trip :)


  1. Hey we have the same blanket that is on Sam! and I like your paper chain. Can't wait till I can do stuff like that and not worry about Jason just destroying it and then thinking well that was a waste of time :-)

  2. So, I totally can't see the pics because I am at work but....I told you that blogging was fun didn't I?? You will be addicted before you know it.

  3. Aww you cutie pahtuties! I hope you have a great trip:) Can't wait til I can make a going to Disney Chain!