Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Disney...Part 3..It Never Ends....

On Saturday, we moved over to the condo....MUCH nicer for families with small children, heck, much nicer for everyone! Here are the girls playing with the Minnie Mouse toys Nana and Pappy got them on the dinning table.

Here is the bathroom (super exciting, I know)

The kitchen....

Here is Gaving watching a show in the living room.

That night we attended The Osbone Family Light Show....AMAZING! We had soooo much fun and could not figure out how anyone could put all of these lights on one house!!!!!

Here is our family at the light show...I was really excited to be there!!

Sam...he loves kissing him some girls :)

Lily catching Disney snow.

Sam really loved that there was 'snow' there!

The kids eating the cotton candy Aunt Emily gave them!

Here are the kiddos at a playground in ToonTown.

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