Saturday, January 29, 2011

Playdough Fun!

We have been pretty busy lately, so I haven't had much time to blog! The kids are keeping me busy like always! We decided to pull Lily out of PreK at the end of November and I started teaching her at home. We are having a lot of fun doing it, and overcoming a few challenges! Lily loves being home with her family and Sam loves that she is home too! It is giving me a taste of what is to come with homeschooling (and I am loving it!). Roger is still working hard and staying busy with work and school. What time that doesn't take up he fills with his calling (he is the ward clerk) and then if there is time left we get to see him ;) Sam is talking up a storm and telling us all kinds of things! He is an active little boy who loves to cuddle and give big hugs :) Makes a mommy very happy! We are keeping busy with all there is to do living in the big city! We are still having fun exploring all there is to do here! We also love to just stay at home and play! I posted a few pictures of the kids playing. We took some old playdough and mixed in some glitter. This kept them happy for almost an hour!

Sam loves to put the Mr Potato Head parts in the playdough....

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