Saturday, April 30, 2011

Here Comes the Sun!!!!

The sun has finally shown itself today after what feels like months without it! We have been watching it rain and rain and rain for about two weeks now. The Ohio has flooded (8 feet above flood level). I have also lost a few nights sleep staying up making sure tornados were not going to blow us all away! But, being stuck inside has given us a lot of time to pack! We closed on our house on Monday and we are really excited to get the keys to the house tomorrow! We are ready to have room to move around and the kids are ready to have a yard again! The kids have been busy and learning like crazy! Sam has learned that if he is tired of sitting still he scrunches up his face and whines at a loud strung out steady pace we take him out of the chapel at church. (So annoying!) He is FINALLY starting to recognize colors and counting. He loves his big sister. I love when Lily decides to go play in her bedroom and Sam realizes that is where she is headed and runs as fast as his little legs will go to catch up to her! So fun to watch! Lily is still learning to read and she is doing amazing! She is figuring out basic addition and subtraction on her own...a (nice) suprise for me! I love the things the things that come out of her little mouth! She has Roger and I laughing so hard sometimes! She loves to tell jokes and the attention that she gets when she tells them :) Roger and I have stayed busy with getting things ready to move into the house. There are so many things you have to do that you don't think about when you start the house buying process! I am just really enjoying my family right now! The kids are doing so well and are such fun, it's sometimes hard to believe it gets any better than this :) I have posted some pictures from the past weeks Easter adventures. We started off at our house coloring eggs. We drove to Roger's parents house on Saturday (having to pull off the road at one point b/c the rain was coming down so hard) We had a great time visiting! The kids hunted eggs and got their candy from Mamaw and Papaw. That night we stayed at my parents house and the Easter Bunny came that night and the kids got their baskets and we hunted eggs after church. It was a great weekend and we love visiting family!!!!!!

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  1. So sweet! Wish we could have been there with you guys! Can't wait to see some pics of this awesome house!! Love you!