Friday, February 4, 2011


WE ARE ALIVE!!!! We survived snopocalypse 2011! After seeing Emily's blog of their ice covered everthing, I decided to share our experience with the storm...and some of the things we did during the week to keep us sane :)

If you look closely right here, you will see the massive sheet of ice covering the car!

Here is the area right beside our can ALMOST not see the ground :P

Here are the kids in their bath covered in bubbles.

The kids painting and coloring hearts to hang up for Valentines Day.

Sam thought painting was great! This is the first time I let him paint with Lily...He deffinantly thought he was big stuff!

One night after the kids took their bath, we read our books and the kids (Lily) decided they should make their own books to read....So thats what they did!

Sam colored a really great picture with lots of blue and green.

Cute right!?

Lily made a great book about an angel who painted a rainbow when it rained....Very similar to one of the books we read that night ;)

Lily LOVES her sleep, so it is part of our routine to wake he of our favorite parts of the day! She wakes up soooo happy and Sam gets really excited to see his big sister! (and yes...she is still in mommy and daddy's bed!!!)

They love each other sooooo much!!!!

They are such awesome kids! We have a lot of fun together as a family!

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  1. I swear. All i can say is...seriously?? j/k!

    Looks like you guys have had lots of fun trying to stay warm in all that snow/ice/dusting! :)

    Love you!