Thursday, March 31, 2011


We have had such a great month!! We started off in Mitchell with my family! Amanda came in and stayed for 10 days and it was soo much fun!!!! I love, love, love my sisters! I don't think there is anything like having a sister. My sisters are my besties :) And Lily and Sam were so excited to get to see all of their cousins! It was so fun to see them reunite and pick up exactly where they left off. The boys were little stinkers who managed to get into kinds of trouble. Making messes for their mommies to clean when Jason, Sam, and Gavin emptied my parents canned food out of the boxes and threw every can into the playpen, filling it to the top with the sides bowing out. Or when we looked out the front window and see Jason and Sam running down the driveway. I think we need to keep these boys seperated! Lexi joined us on the weekend while she was out of school and Lily could not have been more thrilled! We were sad to see Amanda and the kids go, but we were happy to get back home and see Daddy (as I'm sure Amanda was). This month we also found a house and are in the process of buying it! Way exciting for us! I will be posting pics soon :) It has bee a crazy month, with lots of traveling, so I feel like Lily's lessons have been pushed to the side a little, but we managed to do a little work. With the start of spring this month we decided to do a Lion/Lamb theme. We talked about March coming in like a lion and out like a lamb and what that really means. We also took the chance to learn a little about lions. Some fun facts we learned are their eating and sleeping habbits, where they live and for how long, etc. After we talked about them we made our lion masks. We were going to follow this up with a trip to the zoo, but it was too nasty out (very appropriate given our theme). We plan to make the trip the next nice day and hopefully be able to talk to someone at the zoo about their lions. We also made our lamb masks and are in the process of learning about them! I am so luck to have such an amazing family (and extended family)!!! Can't wait to see the all again! Here are some pics of the fun stuff we have been upto (I forgot to take any while Amanda was in...)

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