Monday, February 28, 2011

Hide and Seek, Cushion Jumping, Aquarium, etc....

Ok, I can't believe March is here! We have been so busy it seems the time has just flown by! Lily is still doing great staying home, she is reading so much now! We are having lots of fun exploring and learning new things...I am hoping to become a little more organized so it's not quite as challenging to get things done :) Sam is the busiest kid around. His new favorite trick is jumping off of the couch (or on the couch when I'm not looking). The kids love to pile up the couch cushions on one side of the couch and Lily plays Princess and the Pea (or whatever random toy she picks up). She was not happy with me the first day she played this and was not aloud to actually use a pea....Anyway, Sam decided he would jump from the top of the cushion pile down to the couch the cushions are on. Seemed like a great idea, until he landed, bounced and flipped over the arm of the couch to land on head first on the ground. So now the cushion game is ruined for all.....We also went to Newport this past week and visited the aquarium. Way fun! The kids loved it. I think Sam more, but Lily had a great time too! Just to get to spend some extra time with Daddy is great! We kept telling Sam we were going to go see the fish and he would run to the kitchen (where we keep our fish bowl) and come back nodding. It was pretty cute. We have also decided we are sick of living in someone elses house and have begun the search for our own home! We are pretty excited and have narrowed it down to a couple. We have seen some pretty interesting stuff along the way :) We are super excited to see Aunt Amanda in a couple of days! Lily keeps telling me how she will talk to Bailey....Her voice get super high as she says, "Bailey, you are sooo cute!" She talks about Bailey almost daily and loves to look at her pictures or watch videos of her! I think she might be Bailey's number one fan :) We are gonna miss Daddy, but I love seeing my sisters!!! Here are some pictures of the kiddos :) This first one is tonight we were playing hide a go seek, and typically Sam always counts with the counter (I figure it's a good way for him to practice his numbers). This time he said he wanted to hide and this was his spot :) He also hid with his sister when I was counting, I was looking in the kitchen when I heard the bath water come on and Lily start screaming....You'll never guess where I found them ;)

I just really loved this shot of the kids! They are so awesome! I am so proud to be their mommy!

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