Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just a box?

Ok, so we bought a new vacuum yesterday. I was pretty excited about that (pretty pathetic the things I get excited over). My kids on the other hand, before we left Wal-Mart, were asking to play with the box. We feel the need to spend tons of money on toys that light up and sing and dance and provide mindless entertainment for our children...and trust me, I am not anti-electronics...the t.v. has babysat my children, but when I see the hours of imaginative play this box has brought my children it makes me wonder, how much of that other stuff do they really need? So far this afternoon, my kids have been to space, been on a submarine, rode a ride at disney world, started a secret Lily and Sam club, been to the beach, played house, and been super heros. All this from an empty, not that large box. No buttons to push, no light up screens or songs playing....just a box. They played TOGETHER for hours... I am thinking about hanging out at Aldis and snapping up boxes. With boxes of all shapes and sizes, the possibilities are endless :)

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